Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The mind is a terrible thing to waste... or have waste away!

They tell you when you are expecting that your brain will likely not work as it did prior to getting pregnant. They tell you this with the tone of voice that leads you to believe that once said infant is born, all neuronal pathways will once again lead to Rome and you will return to your former, highly functioning self.

They lie.

And, it seems to only get worse and worse with each successive child. By the time this one heads off to Kindergarten, I may be reduced to a drooling lump in the corner. My own ineptitude is really beginning to piss me off! Parker's birthday party is coming up on July 8th. I have the invitations printed and ready to mail. I got the list from his Kindy teacher with all the names and addresses, including parents names and phone numbers. I can see the sheet of paper the teacher wrote all this valuable information on clear as I can see my hand, and yet - I cannot find it. I have searched high and low, in pockets, purses, drawers, cabinets, piles, garbage cans, etc and have come up with squat! I wanted to mail these invitations as I did not want to invite the ENTIRE class, as would be required by leaving them in the kid's cubbies, and seeing how Parker is not actually attending camp at his old school as are most of the kids from Kindy, getting said invitations to the students is that much more challenging. Crap.

I also cannot make up my mind lately. From the very simple, such as what do I want to eat for breakfast, to the more complex, such as timing the arrival of a new puppy into our midst, I find myself deferring to Steve, or taking the path of least resistance.

At the top of this blog rests my main quandry right now - these little balls of fluff. See, we plan to add a total of 6 feet to our family ths year - four furry ones and two that pitter pat. We could have one as soon as July 10th, or wait until October. I cannot decide what I want to do - if it makes more sense to bring one in now when I am home, before the baby, or wait until after. I go back to work in October, so that's a downer, but I cannot go up and down the stairs now, so that's another downer.

UGH. Crap... Someone else make the decisions for me... I'm clearly incapable!


Miss Gulch said...

Your mistake was posting both pictures! How could we possibly choose between those two cuties? But I am your friend so I will not tell you to get two dogs when you're about to have a baby as well!

Bren said...

Awww, cute doggies!

susan0326 said...

That's a tough decision. They both are so adorable.

I hope you find your list. You've had a busy summer so far. I hope everything goes smoothly for you.