Sunday, June 26, 2005

General Ramblings...

Well, at least for now the wicked heat has "broken" and it was only about 104 yesterday. The fact that I can use "ONLY" followed by "104" should tell you that I've just about nearly lost what little mind I had left!

The latest in my quest to see how many places can empty my wallet in less than a nanosecond, I took my car in for service yesterday. This makes the 5th or 6th time the car has been in for service of one kind or another in the last 2 months! Here's the chronology...

May 4th, bust tire going to work. Buy new tire...
May 9th, take car in for service. Said brakes and battery would need attention soon.
May 16th, battery in car dies on way to work. Buy new battery (covered under last batteries warrenty, luckily!)
May 18th, Check Engine light begins to flash. Call Honda, find out that is supposed to come on at 50K miles, they forgot to turn it off.
May 25th, begin to notice car not shifting gears correctly. It feels like my first car did when I was learning how to drive a stick and would pop the clutch too soon... Also brakes are squealing loudly!!!
June 10th, Service Engine Soon light comes on.
June 25th, take car in for service, again! Diagnosis?? My poor car needs new front brakes, new engine block mounts (three of the four are cracked!) and a NEW TRANSMISSION!!

The good news in all of this is that Honda has an extended warrenty to 100K for transmissions, so mine is covered. However, I won't be able to get my car back until Wednesday!! In fact, Steve just called from my parents' house asking for me to bring this and that over to him. I had to remind him that HE had the car, and the boys and I are stranded...

On the upside, Dad is doing well lately. He is still confined to the wheel chair, and probably will not get out of it... but, he has had NO pain at all for about the last week! Its been I think 8 days since he has taken a pain pill at all - so for that we are all really grateful!

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