Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Five for Ten - What it means to say YES


One seemingly cancels the other one out.  You cannot say YES to what you say NO to, and vice versa.  YES opens possibilities and NO often closes them. But not always. 

One can be freeing while the other one is limiting, and it is up to each individual as to which is which. 

Saying YES to too many obligations, the plague of the modern mother, means you have less time for yourself, your family, the things you want to do.  Saying NO, something many people find a near impossible task, can be freeing.

We can over schedule ourselves by saying YES, and we can limit our opportunities by saying YES.  It seems like such a simple word, and yet, it can either open doors and change our lives, or limit us leaving us bound to how things are.

Right now, we are torn as to which things need to be said YES to, and to what are we saying NO.  I want to say NO to Arizona, to move away from here, to say YES to a different opportunity, a different way of life for my family.  Unfortunately, I'm waiting on a YES that is very slow in coming.  Too slow perhaps.  Too slow for it to do any good, because while I am waiting on a YES, we got an unexpected YES on the house.  Our sale was approved.  This is good news, but this YES means that we must also say NO.  It means we don't have the luxury of waiting on that all-too-slow-in-coming YES, the one that will take us far away from here.  It means we need to say YES to staying here another year.  And I'd be alright with that had we not already been saying this over and over for the last four years. 

One more year.
We will just hold out one more year.
We can make it one more year.
One more summer
One more school year.

We keep waiting for that ellusive YES to come, but if and when it does, will we be able to say YES to the YES?


SoccerMom said...

I hear you, I am one of those "NO" kinda ppl.

I wish i said Yes more.

Corinne said...

It's so hard to say yes to saying yes. To say yes to what we want, even if it's no to a demand or obligation.
Yes is complicated...

ck said...

You are so right about over-scheduling and then over-thinking and then getting stuck between the Yes and the No.

10 years ago I never would've guessed things could get so complicated. Not bad-complicated, just...complicated!

Sarah said...

"Will we be ready to say yes to the yes?"

Along the same lines, do you ever feel like the yes is there but you just have to notice it? You have to be aware of it's presence. You have to be ready to embrace it, as you said, and flow with it.

It sneaks up on me and often parallels some kind of risk, whether great or small, personal, financial, familial or emotional. The leaps aren't ALWAYS successful, but when I am 100% on board with the yes, I find things DO work out for the best.

Good luck with these decisions. With another year. With waiting for, pursuing, finding and riding the wave of the yes.

Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud said...

Funny, we're in a similar situation right now, trying to get out of Columbus, GA. We're waiting for the right YES to come along, but life isn't cooperating with our hopes and dreams. That's the way it goes though, isn't it?
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you're having a fabulous Wednesday.

Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud