Friday, April 16, 2010


I know I will get slashed or raked over the coals for my bashing of the 2nd Amendment here, but this is too insane NOT to get uptight about.

In a nearly unprecedented move, the Arizona Governor in her infinite wisdom, and our legislature, voted to drop the requirement for permits to carry a concealed weapon.

Yes, folks - you read that right.. no permit required.  "We don't need to stinkin' permits" here in Arizona to carry a deadly weapon.   We won't check to see if you are a convicted felon in another state.  Heck, we don't even care if you're a felon in THIS state.  Go ahead, pack heat.  You can hide it, too, and that's OK.

Arizona, today, became the third state in the Nation to allow this.  Wanna guess the other two?  Nope - not Texas... Alaska (OK, hello.. Sarah Palin.. need I say more?) and Vermont.  (Love my fellow New England state, so I can't bash them for their politics.  But, let's remember, Vermont is known for two things... the best damn Maple Syrup in the world, and the highest number of pacifists outside of Oregon.)

As if I needed another reason to hang my head in shame that I am raising my children here, this is it.  Yes, I believe in an American's right to own a gun.  I do not choose to do so.  I also would like the comfort of knowing that those who DO own guns have been trained in how to use them, are free and clear of any criminal record,  AND are free of any psychiatric problems which would make them a danger to society.  Hence.. the PERMIT.

The topping on this festering cake?  The rationale behind the change in the law? It's as if they believe, Well, most folks are already carrying weapons without a permit anyway.  Really? Governor Brewer, if everyone you know decided to jump off a bridge, would you follow too?  (please??)

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