Saturday, April 10, 2010

The perfection of a Saturday morning...

Ahhh... weekend bliss. 
I can almost hear the pressure cooker in my head sputtering with relief and release. 
I love Saturday morning, when Oldest's game is at noon, not at 8am. 
I love Saturday morning when I have plans to meet someone for a leisurely cup of coffee at a reasonable hour. 
I love when my little ones, Youngest, in particular, get to sleep as long as they need to and wake up happy and smiling. 
I love the time by myself on those mornings, when I can grab my book, and my coffee and just sit.  No where to be, no deadlines to meet.
Oh, there is tons to do today, but none of it can really begin until they are all up, so for now, I can enjoy just being... quiet... still.
I know it won't last long.  Oldest and Youngest are now up... the fun will soon begin.

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