Sunday, April 11, 2010

Random Thoughts on a Sunday Night...

My mom and I understand each other, as do my two best friends.  This is essential because the strange wad of goo that is my brain tends to jump from topic to topic without warning (No, not me.. not ADD at all... no!!)  Often, if prompted, I can give the linear trajectory of my thoughts to show the person I am with that I am not completely INSANE, but am, in fact, somewhat grounded in reality, and if you just give me a minute you, too, will see how it all relates.  Maybe.  Perhaps it's just the ADD after all.. who the hell knows....  Here's what is rolling around in my head tonight...

1) Our taxes are finished. Federal taxes are FILED, and I will file the State ones later this week.  YAAHOOO.. nothing like waiting till the 11th hour for this one!  We actually owe money to the Great State of Arizona this year *(sorry, you can't hear the sarcasm dripping from my finger tips as I type that).   They need the money, not necessarily more than I do, but if the rumors become fact, many folks will get IOUs rather than refunds anyway. 

2) A weekend spent in pursuit of baseball is a weekend well spent, when it is not 108* outside.  The weather was lovely this weekend, and that made it so nice to be at the park, saying hello to friends, and watching Oldest have a wonderful time. I even got a bit of a tan.  Dont' tell my dermatologist; I'm sure she'll never be able to figure it out on her own!

3) I love my Mac.  Really, truly.. I love it.  I'm a Mac addict.  I was part of the cult starting in college, and it was not until the PC came out with mountains more software than  I could get with my Mac that I made the switch.  Then, Mac came BACK - Yeah. baby!  I got my iMac almost 4 years ago... its a great machine, my boys have a MiniMac.  I.  Love.  Mac.  Except... dude - can you not get the platforms level?  Why can I play around MORE with my Blogger background on my School issued PC than my Mac?  Why are things like spell-check not available when I use my Mac? Why is there no affordable genealogy software available for the Mac?  Dude.. catch up, will ya?

4) Saturday cyclists need to have their own private planet.  I was driving to meet a friend for coffee yesterday morning.  It was a perfect morning, not too hot, not too cold.. and I agree, it would have been a great day to meet a bunch of my cronies for a nice long ride.  But dudes.. remember the rules of the road, will ya?  There is a bike lane.  Stay in it.  Do not think it is acceptable to ride two and three abreast in the bike lane, because you cannot fit, which means you spill out into the street, where you are going on average at least 15 miles per hour slower than I am.  And I am safely inside my moving cage of steel.  Neither I, nor any of my fellow car-driving cronies, every try to drive two or three abreast.  It's not what you do.  Its not a good idea...  Bumpers, dude.. I got 'em.  You don't.

5) I finished my book last night. The book I was reading, not the one I am writing, just for clarification.  It was fine; decent story.  Enjoyable enough. But as I read through, I wondered many MANY times, did this gal even have an editor?  If she did, what was the editor thinking?  Mrs. Archibald drove into our 11th grade heads just how truly self-depricating we can be if we say we 'feel badly', when what we mean is we 'feel bad' for whatever. Emotions take adjectives, not adverbs. Saying the soup tastes badly basically means the soup is ladling itself up and doing so badly.  The fact that this "New York Times Bestseller" was able to become one with so many errors in her final manuscript either gives me hope, or is a sad statement on Publishing today.  Do your research, man.. how hard is it to realize that it is not a Burmese mountain dog, but rather a Bernese Mountain Dog??

6) Our high-stakes testing, also known as AIMS (Or the Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards), takes place this week.  On the eve of our annual test-fest, I picked up the latest issue of Time.  In this current issue, an economist from Harvard details the results of an experiment, or severaly, actually, to see if monitary compensation for completing specific requirements would be sufficient motivation for students to improve their grades, attendance, and test scores.  Basically, he paid them for grades.  Spoiler: For many, it worked.  Humph... things that make you go Hmmmm.

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