Friday, April 30, 2010

I just don't get it...

Full disclaimer here - political bantering and ranting coming your way.  If I offend, please refrain from flaming me, but I welcome intellectual discourse on this, and all, matters.

I just do not understand all the hub-ub regarding Arizona's new immigration law.  It is interesting to me that most of the fury seems to be coming from the political party to which I affiliate myself, but I simply cannot find good reason to get behind all the anger.

Perhaps I am missing something.  Perhaps there really IS some horrible, evil, Nazi-zionist-neo-maxim-zoom-dweebie language in there, but I sure as heck cannot find it. 

The legislation is, as I understand it, this: Cops who pull you over, or detain you in some fashion, are now allowed to ask for proof of citizenship.  Really?  Don't they basically do that already?

If I am driving, and I get stopped, what is the first thing I am going to be asked to do?  Show drivers license and proof of registration.  Is my driver's license NOT proof of citizenship? 

I understand people are all up in arms that it will become like Nazi Germany, and we will all be asked to show our papers to the Ghestapo, but I think the reaction is a bit too severe.  We already ARE asked to proove our identity all the time.  We are already under the daily assumption that we must have our driver's license or state issued ID for those who don't drive, on us at all times.  Seriously, would you leave the house without your wallet?  And what is nestled safely inside your wallet??  YOUR ID!!!

I guess part of the problem seems to stem that this power now goes to the police rather than ICE or border patrol or whatever.  People who already have a disdain for law enforcement seem to be the ones with the biggest issue with this.  My only problem is: who will pay for the training to be sure the police know what to be looking for?  I have no problem whatsoever with a police officer already in persuit of someone suspected of doing something illegal (because, HELLO... the police are already CHASING YOU!) asking to show proof of citizenship.  And if you are found to be here illegally, I also have no problem with someone deporting your sorry butt. 

I don't understand my fellow Democrats who cry CIVIL RIGHTS violations.  I'm sorry, but don't you need to be a CITIZEN in order to be afforded CIVIL rights?  And don't get me started on the while 'civil rights violations' in prisons, like not having 200 cable channels and wi-fi access for prisoners.  Again.. HELLO.. you BROKE THE LAW... you gave up your rights when you broke the laws of the land.  Am I the only one who remembers the saying "with freedom comes great responsibility"? 

Back to the immigration law... Personally, I know I am here legally.  I know that I have nothing to hide. 

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spunkyamy said...

I am so glad you posted this. I havent understood all the hoopla myself. I wondered what my AZ friends thought of this. My thoughts are if you have nothing to hide what's the big deal anyway? Just show them the ID and you can be on your way. I've been confused about all of this, but I figured I must be missing something because it's being made into a bigger deal than what it seems it should.