Thursday, September 10, 2009

Product Recommendations

I have encountered/brought into my possession/stumbled upon some things lately that I love and felt the urge to spew/crow about said things.

iPod Touch. I've had my Touch for about 3 months now. We've passed the learning-curve and have progressed on to a blissfully symbiotic relationship. I plug it in frequently, and fill it with podcasts, music, news and other applications, and it keeps me delightfully entertained. It also keeps my 4yr old delightfully entertained at restaurants, waiting for doctors, waiting in line, in the car or any other time I need him to be distracted. It works like a charm!!

LoseIt: Application for said iPod Touch. I have done Weight Watchers, I've counted calories, I've tracked heart rate and caloric expenditures to try to lose or maintain my weight. This application is clear, easy to use and because my iPod has become my appendage, always accessible. Which means I use it. Constantly! This is good... if it goes in my mouth, it gets logged into LoseIt. So far? Down 12 pounds. More than I care to mention, to go!

My Vera Bradley purse.
I've loved Vera Bradley bags for years. It's the New England prep in me. I've also come to the realization that I am particularly difficult to please. My purses are either too big, too small, the handles don't stay on my oddly-shaped shoulders, they are too difficult to get into, have too many pockets, or too few. So, back to Vera. I've LOVED her Daisy print since it came out this spring. I'm really a big fan of Daisies. They are so happy, so peaceful and happen to be the flower of my high school, Miss Porter's School. However I could not justify the cost of buying one of these bags. Until the other week! The spring patterns went on sale (More than 50% off!), so I treated myself to the mini-tote in Daisy. I LOVE IT. It is the perfect size (I did waiver for a bit if it would be too small.. NOPE!) Its bright, colorful, preppy.... Me-Likey!

Olay ReGenerist Microdermabrasion System: I'm of the age where my skin and I are not always seeing eye-to-eye. I do not feel as old as I sometimes look, and have passed the stage where a bar of soap or a jar of Noxzema will suffice. So, for about $22 I decided to give this a try. Oh! the difference! Not so harsh that I had to wear a mask but tough enough on the ole' face that I felt it! My skin was MUCH smoother! I've used it only once. I'll let you know how I look after a couple of weeks!

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