Monday, September 28, 2009

And it begins...

I have started the research process for my book. I am having a BLAST so far!! My head is swimming with dates, and ideas and names. I had an idea for a scene last night while brushing my teeth, so I sat down at the computer and cranked out over 700 words in a matter of a few minutes. Seeing as how I need to multiply that by a power of 100, well.. that makes it daunting.

I am anxious to get in touch with the few, distant relatives I have and see what they may be able to add to the factual data that will go into the 'sweeping family epic" my book may become. Its hard to know where to stop.

I could stop with me. I'm the only female in the family to NOT have a daughter. Think about that.. we're talking 8 generations of female producing mothers, and I have only boys. It would seem logical that the story would end with me, but who wants to read a novel that encompasses 8 generations?? I think two is enough to swallow. Maybe touch on the 3rd and call it a day.

Oh, how I wish my grandmother were alive. For many reasons, clearly, as she was a wonderfully persnickety woman who both infuriated me and cracked me up in her later years. In keeping with the 'tradition', ours has been a family of strong, will-full, and yet tremendously devoted women. My grandmother would both revel in the idea that I am going to put our family stories down on paper for once and for all, and be such an important player in my gathering of facts and names that her absence is felt physically even after 11 years.

At the dinner table tonight, the conversation veered toward "the project" as I am sure it will be called. Steve suggested that his mother would be a good resource for some of the questions I have (And Greta, prepare yourself for a phone call!!) and we started talking about what a great story HER family has, too. Parker has it all worked out... 2 books, maybe 3 in the series about MY family, then the next series could be about the Bredvold/Jensen group.

And really.. could I leave my children any better legacy to show them who they are and where they came from than to put their history down on paper?

Now.. anyone know how I can apply for a grant so I can quit teaching and start writing full time?

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