Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I'm battin' 1000

I promise that I will not report after every single home cooked meal I slave over in my kitchen, however, this one met with ENTHUSIASTIC reviews from my harshest critics so I felt I had to share!!

Tonight's entrè was Sausage & Beef Empanadas. Recipe from COME ON OVER cookbook, if you are interested. I was worried because: they didn't mention which KIND of sausage to use, I didn't use the proper amount of enchilada sauce and, well, let's face it, its ME doing the cooking... god knows what could go wrong!

Note to self, and anyone else curious... Homestyle ground sausage works great. I figured breakfast sausage was out of the running, and I can't stand the heat of Chorizo sausage, so my process of elimination worked.

The recipe also did not falter due to lack of enchilada sauce. It was supposed to take (1) 29oz can of sauce, but when I realized I got HOT sauce, I scaled it back to about 8oz. Perfect!!

Served with canned corn, and next time, will put corn IN the casserole.

The recipe said it served 20. We, meaning the 4 of us who ATE it, cleared easily 1/2 the dish. Plenty for tomorrow's dinner!

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