Saturday, May 03, 2008

~*~*~*~Things I love~*~*~*~

I complain a lot. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery, so I am admitting that I complain because, in all candor, it is a trait about myself of which I am not terribly fond. It is fun to bitch and moan and flap my wings about this or that, and at times it is not only appropriate, it is down right warranted.

But there are good things in life, too, and if you don't stop to acknowledge them on occasion, I fear they may disappear for good, never to return, and will leave me and my flapping wings up a creek without a paddle.

So: Here we go. Things I love. Feel free to follow suit on your own blog if you are so inclined. (And, let's just get it over with now - family, friends, children - they are on top but will not be delved into here - this is for THINGS, not necessarily people)

In no particular order, other than what pops into my mind.

1) My subscription to Real Simple magazine. The cover is always so pretty and it is filled with lovely promises. It promises me to help me simplify, and at times it really does. But more than the actual content, I think what I love most about it is the promise, or a wish, that contained within its pages is the blueprint for becoming the person I really want to be; the one with the perpetually clean but lived in house, the freezer filled with tasty and at-the-ready-in-case-of-impromptu-guests treats.

2) Email. Really - I am addicted. I know it, but it keeps me connected to others I hold so dear to my heart but cannot talk to because my quiet time is something ongodly in their time zone or vise versa.

3) Facebook. Same reasons as above. I have recently reconnected with several gals I knew at Farmington. And its not like we have indepth chats or anything, but just seeing their updates or playing a game of Scrabulous with someone makes me feel more connected to them in some strange nearly-parallel universe.

4) Newborns. And, not just my own! I am one of those women who L-O-V-E the newborn stage. Many, like my mother, need to wait until they can interact, or talk, or pee on their own with zero assistance from an adult, in order to have a blast. But I love the lump stage. Seeing newborns fills my heart with a sense of wonder, delight and utter excitement. I know, more or less, what is in store for these folks, these new parents and it makes me so excited I can barely stand it. A dear friend from college just welcomed his first child into the world a week ago today. I can't get enough of looking at the pictures and taking in the delight/exhaustion I can see on his face and knowing what a wonderful journey lay ahead for he and his wife.

5)Velcro and zippers. Really, when it comes to lightening-fast fasteners, there is nothing better. Yes, I know my nearly-9 year old SHOULD be able to tie his shoes by now, but he will learn someday, and in the meantime, the time we save in the morning because both he and his equally fumbled-fingered brother can get their own shoes on while I do a million other things is not something I can even put a price on; I generally am cutting it so short as it is that another 2 1/2 minutes to address footwear would throw us all off irrevocably.

There is more to add to this list, but I think I will hold that off for another day.

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