Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I knew it would happen someday...

My son is in love. And, I mean, googley-eyed, can't speak, does nothing but smile at the sight of her, in love. I knew it was going to happen. I just didn't expect it yet!!

And now this concept puts me in a position I was not expecting to be in yet, either. I know as a kid how hard it can be to talk to your parents about "stuff", and that for most kids they'd rather be poked with something sharp than tell their parents about the inner workings of their heart. But I also have a better understanding of how badly parents DO want to know this stuff. To both help their child navigate the murky waters of relationships, or to help mend a broken heart.

And then I hope that, if it is not ME they can talk to, or Steve, that there is some good, caring adult they CAN talk to about all this. You know, the person who can be a good confidant, who can tell them things like don't not-call when you say you will call, or for Heaven's sake, put the toilet seat DOWN when at her house... little pieces of wisdom we all have gathered through out our own choppy courses of finding true love. Its important to have that kind of person. Vitally important. And the optimist in me wants to believe it WILL be us that our children turn to. The realist in me thinks we'd better start prepping the Godparents right-quick!!

Yes, I knew it would happen. There will be another women in the lives of all three of my boys eventually. I will be, if not replaced, then pushed back as the most important woman in their lives, and that is how it is supposed to go.

Just... not so soon.

And... Not Christopher first??!! Yes - it is my youngest who has fallen hard for a very beautiful younger woman. According to Nada, he dotes on her all day long. He brings her toys, talks to her constantly, and if she cries, he quickly goes to get Nada and takes her to his love so that Nada can make the sadness stop. He looks at her with pure love and adoration. He looks at her like he USED to look at Little Einsteins. Oh, my baby is growing up!!

Take a peek at him and his true love...

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