Thursday, May 08, 2008

One more thing I love...


I just got back from a solo trip to Barnes & Nobel. I went in search of 1 book. ONE - to help one of my students who is struggling through To Kill a Mockingbird. Figured, it has been 25 years since I struggled through it myself, it was probably about time to revisit the story.

So... one book. What, about $12? Sounds reasonable, right? Well, I ended up plopping down a whole lot more than I planned to, but have my entire summer reading list set, purchased, and ready to go! I have gotten some recommendations from friends, picked up others because I liked the cover (yes, directly in the face of the old adage)

Its the whole atmosphere of a book store that I love. Generally, its quiet and peaceful. Generally, I am unencumbered by children because I have either been able to leave them at home with Steve, or they have attached themselves to the Thomas the Train table in the kids' section and I can wander away leaving Parker in charge for a few minutes.

So I wander around, looking, browsing, picking up things that look interesting, sometimes sitting for a while thoughtfully leafing through pages. You know, there was a day not all that long ago that a bookstore was a purposeful place - you knew what you needed, you came, you found and you left. Now it is a place full of promise, if not downright usefulness. The promise of having time, the promise of wonderful stories to discover, the promise of a quick little vacation from everyday life that you can find between the covers and jacket.

And, from the look at the bag I brought home from my latest venture to B&N, bookstores love me, too!

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