Monday, June 26, 2006

Summer Shape Up

Today we were back to swim lessons and the gym. Our gym is really cool - I've got to admit it... they have a salon and massage therapist on site, not that I have taken advantage of either. They have both a dry sauna and steam room, both of which I have taken advangate of (however, the dry sauna seems reduntant this time of year) and they have a program called "FIT KIDS". Its a free gym-style class for the kids, daily!! How cool is that? I get my workout in, and the boys get some training in as well, get to run themselves silly and release all the energy that is pent-up because we are hunkered down for the long hard summer!

Workout update: All 4 days last week. Again today - 50 minutes, treadmill, 3.5 miles (2.3 under 30 minutes, so not setting the world on fire, but much better than Friday). Using the Arbonne protein plan on the weekends and at least once a meal during the week. Down 1.5lbs.

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