Friday, June 23, 2006

Ahhh, summer!!

Its Friday, and we've officially been on summer vacation for 2 weeks. I'm rested, caught up on laundry (other than folding and putting away), made it to the gym every day this week (yeah me!!) and am ready for the boys to go back to school already!

Ok - well, not really. I suppose I will keep them with me, but I think they are starting to go a bit stir crazy already, and we have about 8 weeks left until school begins again.

Two days after the last day of school, we hopped on a plane. We spent a week in Montana with Steve's family. The boys enjoyed tormenting their older cousins and Christopher was spoiled beyond belief! We were actually COOL (Dare I say COLD?) for a few days, and the high was never above 82*!! Matthew wanted to see snow, so we drove up to the Beartooth Mountains and saw snow... certainly not a sight you will see in Arizona during any of the summer months! From the look of glee on his face, I think the snow-thing was a hit.

We are back home - the boys are taking swimming lessons, even Christopher (water acclimation classes - with me - a good excuse to get wet and stay cool while the big brothers learn their swimming strokes) and we are hitting the gym. DAILY. Again - yeah me!! It is staying right around 110. Yuck. Our lows for the day (you know - the 3am temps) are still higher than the highest high's we experienced in MT. We are also expecting a bit if a tropical storm thing-y this weekend, so its muggy as well as hot. So - who's up for a visit to Scottsdale???

Today I met my friend Karen at the gym after swimming lessons, and we "ran" together. Karen ran - my really out of shape heart let me sprint a few times, but I can't say I ran... jogged, sprinted once or twice, walked a lot... but did 3 miles and change, so that's good. Of course, listened to my ego rather than my head, and so now I have a exercise-induced migraine - someday I will learn...Maybe!

Destruction update from Schooner. Upon our departure for MT, Schooner was a bit miffed and worked on more of the living room sofa. One half is now without fabric and one pillow has been shredded on two sides. Considering we were away for a week, (despite having a house sitter) I suppose I can be thankful that the damage was not worse!! She's such a doll.... until you leave. I think we have a Jeckel/Hyde thing going on here!

Oh - and an update on snake sightings in Scottsdale - Mom found a 5'6" one in her back yard - ON THE ROCKS where they are NOT supposed to like to slither. Steve saw the one baby rattler in our back yard before we left for Montana but (knock on wood) has not seen one since. Have I mentioned that I hate slithering critters?? Cuz - I really do!!! I much prefer the critters you would see here.... Horses, cows, squirrels, birds.. I like those critters!!

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