Thursday, June 01, 2006


I've been going back and forth with various Principals and the school district over where, exactly, I will be working in the fall. So, today I get this from the Director of Special Education:

<< "I did receive your messages but have been trying to catch up on issues since I returned. I spoke with both Principal A... {Read crazy-crazy lady) and B...(Cool principal) this morning. SN...(Principal who won't release me) was also a part of this conversation. I know that you and Marla have spoken and at this point in time, your transfer to Desert Canyon Elem School seems the most appropriate. Although there appears to be a 1.5 LRC staffing allocation at CRMS, that is subject to change with fluctuation in enrollment. The position at DCES is solidified and you will be working with a very experienced and strong LRC teacher. I know this will be a very positive experience both with the staff and the administration. I will also ask our curriculum specialists to support you with whatever materials or classroom support you need. Thank you.>>"

So, basically, Lois, you are telling me that I have NO say in where I work next year.


This fight is SO not over...

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