Friday, February 03, 2006

Acute Bronchitis

Yep.. still not healthy around here. Been hacking my head off for the last two weeks and finally decided that it was time to see the doc! Isn't it strange - for my kids, I will take them at the drop of a hat, but for me, I wait two weeks!! Anyway, the diagnosis is Acute Bronchitis. Brought on by, most likely, a viral upper respiratory infection. Exaserbated by our 4th day in a row of high pollution advisory, and the 12th one we've had so far in 2006. Yes, that's right - I live in the place that folks used to come to get healthy... and I've never been (constantly) sicker in my whole life.

Greta and Warren arrived safe and sound on the 20th of January. We are expecting the Steiners to arrive this coming Saturday, the 11th. Christopher is being baptised on the 12th, so things here are busy and hectic... now if only I could be healthy and not need to nap through it all!!

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