Monday, February 13, 2006

Crisis Averted

My computer is coming to the end of his life, I just know it. I've had this feeling for a while now. It began with the strange clicking noise that sounded like something caught in the spokes of a bicycle tire. Then the computer began acting up.

Today - it died. But, like Farm Boy in The Princess Bride, it was not ALL dead, just mostly-dead. I am very proud of my powers of ressurection! I got the air-mattress blower, and blew the heck out of the inside of my CPU. It was gross. More than gross - downright disgusting! I cannot believe the ick that accumulated inside my poor computer. No wonder it went into mostly-dead mode.. I would too if I had that much crap inside me (no comment from the peanut gallery regarding food intake!)

Warren & Greta have flown the coop. They found an apartment not too, too far away, and moved out Friday. The Steiners arrived on Saturday and the boys have not stopped yet, except to fall dead-fast asleep in bed. Chris is on the verge of cutting two teeth (very exciting, though he is the most adorable toothless wonder!!!)

That's it... life continues in its frenetic pace moving forward...

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