Thursday, February 23, 2006

With age comes...

Biceps?? No - not mine. Matthew!!

I was watching him the other day. He'd borrowed a shirt from his brother that is one of those basketball ones with no sleeves, so his arms are exposed. I was more than a little shocked to see muscle definition in his arms! Delts and biceps!! THE KID'S JUST THIS SIDE OF FIVE YEARS OLD!! Where's the baby fat? What happened to those mushey cheeks that I would love to just kiss and kiss and kiss until he got rather disgusted and pulled away from me, laughing?? I'm not ready for him to look so BOY-ish! Soon, he, too will be loosing teeth just like his older brother and those precious, tiny pearls he has in his mouth will be replaced by big, awkward choppers, and he will look very big, and very old, just like Parker.

Its a good thing we have Christopher in our lives (for a multitude of reasons) because he can help me continue the delusion that I'm not really a grown up after all, I'm just a young mother, with years to go before I, myself, am "old". Yeah, the other two - they've blown that "young mother" image right out the window for me!

Thanks guys... :-)

Oh, and as an update on that littlest of Jensens... My little tank had his 6-month visit to the doc on Monday. He weighed 23.4 lbs (both his brothers were 20lbs and change at 6 mo) and 29" long (Matt was taller by 3/4", P was shorter by nearly 1 3/4") and is wearing 12 - 18 month clothing right now. His nickname has been "Little Bear", but I think I might start calling him Shaq!

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