Sunday, December 21, 2008

Please enjoy the Twitter-feeds while Sam's brain takes a vacation...

Thank goodness for Twitter, or both of you who check out my blog would have had nothing to look at in nearly a month!! Sorry about that everyone...its always crazy between Thanksgiving and New Years. 2008 is no exception!

In the last month, the headlines have included: getting the official notification that I passed the Language Arts test, meaning I can now legally teach a Language Arts class, attending 2 musical concerts, both with Parker in performance, receiving the nod from the admin at my school to teach an 8th grade Language Arts class starting when we get back (taking over a class 1/2 way thru the year.. this could be interesting!), and then there was word that came thru email and Facebook notices that my high school was being sued for harassment and discrimination.

I sort of went off on a tirade for a bit about that last part, and when the holidays are over and I have time to think, I will share with you my thoughts, far removed from the situation as they are, about the whole mess.

There has been lots happening, but it has also been a crazy-buys time. I promise to update the world of the Arizona Jensens very soon!!

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