Sunday, November 30, 2008

An athlete, I am not...

But, I'm trying. Someone, a friend of mine, made a comment about how my daily "runs" have turned into "walks" and questioned what was up with that. (yeah.. I'm talking to YOU.. YOU know who you are.... Uh Huh... that's right!! See where any off-handed remark can lead?? You are now responsible for a blog post - hope you are happy with yourself!)

I try to be somewhat athletic. I try because I know if I don't that I will be overcome by the Battle of the Midlife Bulge, and I will loose. So, I continue to get up at the crack of O'mygoditsearly and do something. Admittedly, I have lagged a bit from trying to regain my stamina from earlier this summer. But I am just one of those people for whom no good deed goes unpunished... the more I try to do for myself, exercise wise, the more I get hurt! Last year it was my foot and a nasty case of Plantar Faciatis, and now it is my shins. Shin splints are not fun and I seem to get them with relative ease. So, when the shins started to sting a bit, I knew it was time to do 2 things... 1) slow it down and 2) buy new shoes. You'd think the second one, with me being of the female persuasion and all, would be a delight. Pumps are a delight - cute, sexy little slingbacks are a delight. Running shoes are NOT a delight... they are a necessity like groceries.

But - today, before the delight of 165 minutes of Hugh Jackman on a larger than life screen before my eyes, I went to the local running store and bought a new pair of running shoes. And a flashy-thingy for my arm so I can be seen in the darkness of O'mygoditsearly since clearly I cannot be seen and was nearly hit a week or two ago by some idiot. And I got some gloves because finally, after months and months of waiting, its getting cold.

So, today, I stepped it up a bit and ran out, walked back home. Tomorrow - no excuses - new shoes, running.... See - take that "walking"!!

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