Monday, November 10, 2008

And the world keeps on spinning

The velocity of the earth must be getting faster... the passage of time can certainly NOT have anything to do with my age, right? We blew through Halloween and are staring Thanksgiving down the barrel. Holy smokes - Christmas is right around the corner, then its 2009.... WOAH.. gotta slow it down a bit and enjoy the passage of time (rather than hear it whizzing by my head!)

The boys had originally told me, back in September, that they did not really want to go trick or treating this year. Huh?? The all-American holiday that pays homage to sugar and trans-fats? And they don't want to participate? I knew they would eventually change their minds, so I went along with a simple "Ok, if this is what you want, just realize that you can't change your mind last minute". I got a "We won't" in response.

Guess what they did about 10 days before Halloween?? Yup - changed their minds and wanted to go out. So, quick thinking and a phone call to my own personal Martha Stewart (Thanks Libbet!) we had some good ideas for home-made costumes. Admittedly, I found something simply adorable and irresistible for Christopher, so I had already stocked that one away.

We were originally going to get together with a friend from swim lessons, Asher, and his family to watch the USC v. Washington game, but the day was going to be crazy, so we decided to do Halloween instead... everyone had a delightful time, the older boys took to escorting Asher and Christopher around while the moms tagged behind for safe measure... it was probably one of the best Halloweens on record.. at least, for us!

Now we are headlong into November. I had my big, huge State test on Saturday so I can breathe a big sigh of relief, unless I didn't pass it in which case I get to try again. Hopefully by mid-December, I will have my results.

The air has started to cool, but I still hear the air conditioning click on occasionally. I refuse to turn on the heat while we still need the AC, so mornings in the house are becoming a tad chilly. Its amazing how, over the course of 3 days, we cam move from summer to winter.

I'm not feeling particularly poetic or verbose tonight - just wanted to give a quick update and share the following... how cute were our little monsters??

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