Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm not ready for the Christmas music yet!!

The turkey is done, a big pot of chili is cooking on the stove as I type, and everywhere I go I am hearing Christmas music. From the moment we don the Halloween costumes, it is full steam ahead to the new year... so I suppose that whooshing sound I hear is time passing me by.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving... hope all you reading this (all 5 of you!) did as well. For those who were concerned that perhaps I had killed a member of the administration for the horrible class list they gave me for sex-ed can rest assured that I made it through. And, if truth be told, it was not all that bad... but SHHH - don't tell anyone I work with - I still have a huge sympathy card to play out! The kids were decent and I survived to teach it another year. Yipee...

I was at the grocery store today buying all the necessities for a good pot of home made chili and the music being piped into the store was Christmas carols. Neighbors are putting up lights. Some have the whole scene ready to go... even my mom has her tree up. Me? I'm SO not ready.. I realize Thanksgiving was late this year and time's a-wasting but ACK - I'm not ready for it to be Christmas yet. That means only like 13 days of teaching left - and that means all my kids have to endure another round of benchmark testing and I'm not ready yet!! How does this happen? I've had 9 weeks to plan out my quarter and now I am scrambling... feels like college end of semester all over again!! I guess old habits do die hard!

So, its been a nice break, this Thanksgiving holiday... 4 days off. Ahhhh - it was needed! I've been able to even get a nap in nearly each day so far, and can see it happening again tomorrow!! However, I have also walked 12 miles so far, done 6 loads of laundry, shampooed the carpets throughout the house, steam cleaned the floors, scrubbed the bathrooms (eeewwww), windexed all the mirrors, changed the sheets on the beds, washed all the sheets and made a pot of chili.

And someone called this a 'vacation'?? Really??

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