Sunday, September 28, 2008

Update from the desert

where it continues to remain over 100* despite the date on the calendar. Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that FALL means is cools down. Or, maybe the rest of the civilized world knows it, and she just forgot about us.

Everyone here is well; the boy with the glass in his head is healing nicely. The scar is visible, but really not too bad. You have to look closely to see it unless he has been out in the sun too much.

Parker is Parker; other than the size of his shoes (which he seems to outgrow weekly) not much changes with him. His grades are really good, he seems to be enjoying playing the Bass and reports to having a 'girlfriend', although he cannot yet define what that means.

Christopher learns new words and phrases daily, and seems to keep the ones that make us laugh the most. He has taken to calling me "Samantha" and says it with such a twinkle in his eye that you just KNOW he is wanting to get a rise out of me. I think he has a bit of a clue just how cute he is, and that could mean hell for us all later on!!! (For example, right now he is sitting next to me singing Joe Jackson - no joke!)

Steve has been busier than usual lately with work, needing to head down to Tucson for a Saturday presentation and that sort of thing. The troubles with the economy have not been kind to school districts and local towns with regard to budget, so he is working harder to make fewer sales right now, but he is certainly not alone there!

School for me continues to be a source of constant turmoil. I was so excited at the start of the year that I had some really great kids and good schedule. I am now teaching a class I never anticipated teaching (6th grade Math) and have been told that I will also start servicing some 1st and 2nd graders. This means I will be "prepping" for (3) 1st grade subjects, (3) 2nd grade subjects, (2) 4th grade subjects, (4) 6th grade subjects, (1) 8th grade and (1) 7th grade subject. I've been told this is the way things go in special ed, to which I reply "Yes, so I see, and this is exactly why I want OUT of special ed!!"

Maybe someday.... maybe someday!

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