Sunday, September 07, 2008

Some things are better left to the imagination!

Quick update on Matthew; He's doing great! Surgery lasted about 40 minutes, they removed all the glass, he took the rest of that day off, but was back to school on Friday. He can't swim for 10 days and needs to stay out of PE for a week, but other than that, no restrictions. The doctors found not one, but THREE pieces still stuck under the skin. And, because this was a plastic surgeon we saw, she did her best to make sure the scar will be minimal; she removed the old scar tissue from the ER stitches so when all is said and done, we will probably barely see the scar at all!! Many thanks to everyone for their kind words and good wishes!! Even knowing he'd be totally fine, it is still scary when your child goes under anesthesia!

So, now for my daily EEEWWWW discovery! This goes right along with my black-light purchase which revealed just what a prolific marker my male dog really is...He is so good, infact, that I cannot keep up. Being blessed with the nose of a bloodhound, meaning I can smell a poopy diaper from 50yards, it was getting hard for me to walk through the upstairs hallway without holding my breath.

My first thought was to call Stanley Steamer to the rescue. It has only been since May that they were here last- a whole long summer indoors with all the kids has not been kind to my carpets. My second thought was the nearly $400 bill that would go with their visit.

Then it hit me: EUREKA!! My mom has a carpet cleaner!! A nice, loud, Bissel or something - I will borrow hers!!! YIPEE - Money saved, pee-stains soon history!

LOVE the carpet steamer - LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT - its NOT quite as good a professional cleaning, but it does a great job. I cleaned not only the upstairs where the dog's favorite hidden corner is, but the living room, dining room, Steve's office and then the family room rug.

And that is where I was so pleased to have a very strong stomach. OH MY STARS.... I though it was relatively clean because we vacuum the dang thing nearly every day.

MUD. What the cleaner was picking up was absolute mud. It took 4 tanks and several passes to make the gunk being picked up look more like river water than mud, and I was still picking up copious amounts of dirt...

We must be truly filthy people - if not by what we track in, by what we have been living with!! I could have gladly lived all my days and not seen what we pulled from that rug. YUCK!

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Bren said...

Glad Matthew is doing well and that Chris finally got his party!