Monday, September 01, 2008

Update on the boy with the glass head...

Matthew has been a trouper about the gash in his head. He took it easy from PE for a few days, he was brave as can be getting the stitches out, and has been great about letting me put both anti-scar-cream on it as well as copious amounts of sunscreen.

Well, last Monday, he flinched as I was putting the anti-scar-cream on his head. At that moment, I remembered that he had also complained a few times that he thought there was a cut well into his hair line. I'd search and search but found nothing. Except... there was a lump near the scar, above it, just under his hair line.

Oh geez - It couldn't be?? Could it?

Yup - a visit to the doc, plus one to the x-ray lab showed he StILL has a rather large piece of glass IN HIS HEAD!

This led to a meeting with a plastic surgeon (why his ped can't just go get it is beyond me, but he can't so off we go). He will have a short surgery on Thursday, under anesthesia, to remove what is left of the original fishbowl.

Hopefully, THIS will be the last time someone we have to cut into this kid's head!!


Karin said...

OMGosh - that poor little boy. Sorry to hear he has to go through the whole thing again. He'll (and you)will be in my thoughts this week.

Bren said...

Oh wow!!! How awful. Sorry he has to go to the plastic surgeon.