Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shameless bragging on all fronts

We all know I am biased, and think my kids are just the most fabulously amazing children on the planet (most of the time) But lately they have been doing things that are, empirically, impressive.

Parker had a swim meet (yes, another one - its a weekly occurrence) last week - this was focused on butterfly. This is one stroke I could never, in all my time swimming and working with the Bruni boys, ever master. 3 strokes was about all I could get. Never had the shoulders for it... So Parker had to swim in both a relay as well as individual meet, and again come home with a 1st (relay) and 2nd (individual) ribbon. Wow!

Matthew has mastered diving into the pool. May not seem quite as newsworthy as a 1st and 2nd place win, but he kicks his older brother in the tush when it comes to diving. We may have him do dive-team rather than swim team next year. He loves it. Called diving off the 5M springboard "exhilarating" - really... he did - he used that word!

Christopher has mastered something it took the older boys until Kindergarten to master - knowing our telephone number! So, you have probably seen the video, but add to that the fact that he also knows, by heart, both my cell phone and my mother's phone number. Steve can't even dial her number without double checking if he's got it right!!

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