Saturday, July 05, 2008

Checklist completed...

I love it when I am productive. It doesn't happen often; mostly I feel like I just spin my wheels, running around like a mad person, getting little accomplished. Much like running on the treadmill. (Which I am getting better at again).

Today, my list of errands grew at a rapid clip from "get nails done" to: Take car in for service, get nails done, go to fabric store, re-upholster kitchen chairs {a task, might I add, that I have been meaning to do for over a YEAR!), go to Hallmark, to go Target to return stuff, order cake for Birthday boy.

And - I did it all!
*Car? CHECK 7am appointment to which I was 15 minutes EARLY!!
*Nails? Check - and toes...
*Fabric store? Check - hemmed and hawed between 3 fabric choices, but in the end went with the cheapest one, that was also a lovely French Paisley on the thought that it will hide a multitude of sins...
*Hallmark store? Check - found cute cards AND the Webkin P wants...
*Target? Check - returned bathing suit and did NOT BUY ANYTHING ELSE!
*Cake? Check - baseball themed, chocolate cake with creme filling, baseball themed.
*Re-Upholster kitchen chairs???


It feels OH SO GOOD to get that list out of the way!

Because as we all know - tomorrow brings another list!

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