Friday, July 11, 2008

Another week, another meaningless blog...

I am stunned at how quickly doing nothing makes time fly. Really - when we are up to our ears in stuff to do, I expect to loose track of time and go to bed on Monday, only to wake up on Thursday and realize the week has flown by. I don't expect the same phenomena to happen when I am doing, really, nothing much at all.

Its Friday. I had the Saturn in for a check up on Saturday and was told to bring it back in this week. Evidently there was a mini leak somewhere, so they put some die in something or another and wanted me to come back this week so they could see where it went. Sort of like a Barium enema for a car.


What I have done this week is get my sorry butt to the gym! Today it ended up with me flat down with a migraine for 3 hours, but hey - I'm out there, I'm doing it, right?

We are planning to head out to CA for few days at the end of the month. 2 days in San Diego, 2 days in LA... my only requirement is sand, surf and a noticeable lack of heat. Originally we entertained thoughts of going to Lego Land or the Big D, but when I looked at ticket prices?? Yeah - Balboa park and Scripps Aquarium will do just fine, thank you.

Really $300 just to walk in the door for a family of 4? And that is without having to pay for Chris (yet) or buy food. Makes me feel downright extravagant when I had my annual pass in college...

We have gotten some rain lately. Evidently, our storm make the National News, because my mother called me from VA to ask if we were ok. WE are OK. The house is not. Leaks. Big leaks. Many big leaks.

Are you thinking what I am thinking? Can you spell M-O-N-E-Y-P-I-T? Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen- its time for a new roof!!


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