Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Grounded - part deux

Still grounded, but in a different way.

On Friday, I picked up Christopher from childcare and he fell stone cold asleep on the way home. Not too unusual per late, as he flatly refuses to sleep at childcare (too many toys, not enough time!!) and he learned to crawl out of the cribs at her house, so Nada is perfectly OK with him NOT trying to nap. (Could our crib be too far behind? Oh, good heavens, I hope not! I am SO not ready for him to be in a B-E-D just yet!!)

He slept through the transition from car-to-crib (this part is unusual for him) and then woke up in the FOULEST mood; clingy, whiny, whiny, clingy... We both dozed off on the sofa, and this did little to improve his mood.

That night we heard it: the tell tale signs of croup! If you have lived through croup in your house, you know the sound. Saturday was not good, Sunday was worse, to the point that I took him to the doctor yesterday morning.

The dx?? Walking Pneumonia!!

The treatment? Zythromycian. Or, more commonly known as a Z-pak! The good news? Only once per day for only 5 days. The bad news? Some really unpleasant side effects that could require hospitalization, and the most horrificly gawdawful taste you can imagine.

I went through the ENTIRE ALLOTTED DOSE just trying to get this kid to take ONE teaspoon. It was un-hidable! He could taste it in anything and everything, and would flatly refuse to take it. When Steve got home, we decided we needed to go the rough-and-tumble route and just hold the kid down. Yeah - not an easy task!! We were successful for about 1/2 the dose. The rest ended up running down his neck and smashed all over both his shirt and my hands.

Curious, I decided to take a taste. WHOA - no wonder he refused - it is truly vile stuff. For any BTDT moms around - any suggestions? We were marginally successful with volumes of chocolate syrup in chocolate milk, but I'm afraid his pancreas may revolt. The doc had nothing of significant revelation; yes, it's awful stuff, and no, there is not anything else out there that is any better. Wish us luck. 4 doses to go.

And note to self: Don't schedule a manicure the day before you know you are going to paint your hallway.

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