Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Things that really chap my hide:

You are warned - I've got a need to RANT LIKE A BANSHEE!!

The absolute ineptitude of the people around me is astonishing. Now, I don't mean those close around me; family, children, coworkers. I mean those who are more on the periphery. The folks at the Dr's office. I swear - they are all dead from the neck up! Missing paperwork not filed with the insurance company, telling us we don't need this or that form when the insurance company requested it, loosing files... really?? I thought a basic high-school diploma was required for most jobs, but then I forget - I am living in Arizona where the basic high school requirement for graduation is whether or not you can walk and chew gum, or whether or not your new perfect boobs can jiggle on cue.

The adjuster for the insurance company; she's a piece of work. Is full of great promises, like "I will call you back by the end of the day", but I think she is actually living on Saturn where a given day is 116 years long because she never returns the call. N-E-V-E-R.

Her supervisor is not any better. Oh - and they are in Texas. Not that I am picking on Texas, but we live in ARIZONA. One would think that we would have a claims rep who lived, at least, in the same freakin' time zone.

The body shop that has had possession of the car since November 11th. "I'm sorry; we are down a couple of guys". You know what?? I don't flippin care!! It is NOT my problem that you are down workers. What IS my problem is that you sat on my car for nearly 2 weeks and stuck your thumb up your you-know-where for too long and now we will be stuck paying for a rental car because they don't think they can fix Steve's car until... wait for it.... F-E-B-R-U-A-R-Y!!!!!

The response from Encompas??

Well, you should have taken it somewhere else. This body shop is not on our "preferred" list.

Excuse me - YOUR adjuster told US where to take the car... we didn't decide anything. Get your freakin' story straight! And its not like we have many options at this point - the car is not drivable!!

Please... those of you who might live elsewhere... restore my faith in humanity. Tell me it is not as bad where you are... please... lie if you must!!

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