Wednesday, December 05, 2007

2008 is right around the corner...

Here's a list of things I would like to see if I can do/get done/finish between now and then:

*Get Steve's car either REPLACED or fixed. Seriously - we are on week 5 and still have no answers. If anyone out there has ENCOMPAS for their insurance, SWITCH NOW!! In short, they suck.

*Blog more than once.

*Get my Christmas List off my old PC.

*Get my Christmas cards ordered.

*Get my Christmas cards mailed. (notice a theme there??)

*Get an estimate on the paint job this house so desperately needs. Have had 3 different guys out to "take a look-see", but NO ONE has given me an estimate. Must be nice to not NEED work!!

*Get the outside lights up before New Years Eve, because then we would just have to take them right back down again!
~~An aside on this one - the tree is up - the interior of the house is looking festive, but we look like non-believers from the outside!! And honestly, I am just not all that into the whole decorating thing this year... too much on my plate.

So much to do - only 20 shopping days left till Christmas.... meaning only about 26 days left of this year.

Better start moving quicker!!

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