Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Clothes make the man woman?

At school, we won a small victory. It did not appear small, given the whole heap of bantering and bickering and b*tching that has ensued for the last several months, but in the whole scheme of T-H-I-N-G-S, it was not all that important.

At issue was whether or not teachers could wear jeans in the classroom. See what I mean? Rather anti-climactic if you ask me. For all the posturing and pontificating, you would have thought the administration was taking away our prep periods or Christmas break or something. But any problem is a huge problem when it is YOUR problem, and our problem was being told that we were not allowed to wear jeans to work. This was on its way to becoming an all out mutiny! Most of our anger was geared at the idea that this dictate was coming not from the administration, but rather from the parents, and the campus took on the air of "when they start paying me to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe then they can tell me how to dress in my own classroom".

It could have gotten ugly. But, in a fortuitous change of events, the administration decided to rescind the edict regarding the jeans. And there was peace in the land once again!!

I was quick to jump on the renewed "I can wear JEANS" bandwagon and went to work on Monday in a new pair of jeans (quite stylish, I might add - from Tar-jay!!) a cute baby-doll tunic top (also from Tar-jay) and a pair of kick-ass boots! Little shiny black ones with about 3" heels... S-A-S-S-Y!!

And something interesting happened while I was wearing my sassy outfit, walking around in my sassy boots with my sassy new haircut (that is quickly going from "sassy" so "soccer mom", so note to self: make an appointment with Anthony!) I was ready to take on the world!! I got on the phone with lawyers regarding the accident, the body shop who has been sitting on their ass working on the Jetta, getting information and making plans to finally try to get something done in our favor with this whole mess. No one was about to pull the wool over my eyes or try to get anything by me... No Sirree!! Not today - not in my jeans and boots!!!

So this whole "no jeans" thing started because it was feared we would be too casual in jeans at work. "Real Teaching" would not happen if the teachers were in jeans. We would not be at our best if denim made public contact with our thighs.

Ahhh - ye foolish one, I beg to differ. See, sometimes clothes DO make the woman - and in this case, just gimme some jeans, some sassy boots, and back the hell away, boys!! I'm in charge now and I won't take crap from anyone!!

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