Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What is old is new again!

We may have had the upper-most seats in the entire arena, but Steve and I were THERE last night . . . The Police!! I've been trying to remember if I saw them live back in high school, and I know I wanted to, but can't remember if we even got tickets. I remember seeing The Cars, U2, Journey, and Rush all "back in the day".

For a trio of grey-haired fellas pushing 60, Man, can they still ROCK!! The concert was wonderful. It was a fun visit with old friends, and the band played with some ad-libbing solos that are woefully lost at a concert with many of today's bands. (If I wanted to hear the music exactly as it appears on the album, I would simply play the album really loud)! Its funny to see Steward Copeland with a mass of grey hair, and age spots covering the hands of Andy Summer, but they sounded just as fantastic now as they did then.

What a great date night! While it was fun to relive my youth, my constant yawning at the late hour and the earplugs I brought to protect my hearing were proof that while Sting still looks hotter than ever and can glide around the stage with the age and stamina of a teenager, I am fiercely distant from my "stay up all night, loud as you can get it" youth.

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