Thursday, August 25, 2005

Life with Christopher, Day 10

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Anyone who has been a parent can attest to the almost unfathomable depths of love you can feel for your child. You almost cannot describe it for fear of sounding like you work for Hallmark, but I have been overcome by this feeling, three times now.

Before we came home from the hospital, Steve would comment on how crazy he was already about our newest family member. I wasn't there yet. I thought he was amazing and was truly awed by what my body had been able to grow and create, but I was too sore, too tired to be able to fall in love with the little guy.

That was 10 days ago. I'm still sore and tired, but that light has now clicked on for me, and I just cannot get enough of this little creature that has come to share our home and enrich our lives. Right now, he mostly eats and sleeps. Not much to hold your attention, really. He's not like Parker who asks you to quiz him, or Matthew who takes delight in charming you. Chris just lays there. Occasionally he stretches. Sometimes he smiles in his sleep. Not much else.

But we all, I think I can speak for all of us, are enjoying him tremendously. I remember being very aggrivated at the every-three-hour-feedings with Matthew, most likely caused by the getting-up-at-least-once-a-night-and-it-NOT-corresponding-with-my-baby-brother thing Parker went through at the same time. But with this little munchkin, I actually enjoy being with him in the quiet of the night, rocking him, feeding him, watching him dream.

I wonder what the world holds for him. I know he will have a talent, as his brothers do, and I am so curious to find out what his will be.

Possibly, having the ability to sleep through the full-force chaos that exists in a home with three boys. I think he gets this from his Dad!

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Awww, how sweet.