Wednesday, August 31, 2005

And he didn't even look back!

This is the second week of First Grade for Parker. We had decided long before the start of the school year that I would drive him and pick him up the first week, and that starting the second week, he would take the bus.

Well, Monday morning, he was still just a bit hesitant to take the bus to school, but was fine with the idea of taking it home. He did great - and when I asked how it was to ride the bus, he replied "It was Stupendous!". No joke - his words...

Tuesday morning came, and yes, he was ready to try to ride the bus in the morning, too. So, Parker, Matthew, Christopher and I walked down to the bus stop. He will get the bus at the end of our little neighborhood. Probably just under 1/2 a mile. We wait, and wait, and then THERE IT IS!! For all his nerves and uncertainty, Parker trotted himself up onto that big yellow bus... and didn't even look back!

Clearly, he is adjusting far better than I am!

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