Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Back at it, after this brief intermission

I caved in yesterday to the bug that caught me last weekend, and I stayed home today.  I could have probably gone into school, I could have muddled through the day, sniffling, coughing and sneezing myself through my classes.  I decided, instead, to try to get ahead of this thing by staying home rather than try to play catch-up by pushing myself into work.  I am glad I cut myself some slack, because I think a day off, without children, without commitments, was exactly what I needed.

It's been a rough two nights, with my head feeling as if it might blow up from the pressure, and my throat so raw it hurt to breathe.  I was happy to take it easy, lounge around in my sweats for the morning.  Yeah, if you know me well, you know that last part only lasted until about 8:45 this morning!!  I spent most of they day cleaning, scrubbing, vacuuming, and mopping.  I also did a huge load of laundry.  I wrote a bit and took a nap.  Even went to pick the boys up from school and had dinner in the oven in time to eat at 5:45. 

If only I could do this every day.....

Steve is away at a conference this week, and its been really hard on the boys having him gone.  Who am I kidding, it is hard on me too... I have the utmost respect for single parents, because it is NOT an easy gig!  While things do seem to go more smoothly when Steve is away (We stick to schedules like glue, and I become the Master Sargent of the Jensen house!) it is hard to be all things to everyone.

One thing I was able to do today that brought me joy was to write.  I think I added about 2000 words to my story, and am now at a crossroad with my characters.  It will be interesting to see how things end up, because even though I think I am the one in charge of the story, I find that when I start writing, my characters seem to have minds of their own, pesky little buggers that they are!

Sounds a little like raising kids, doesn't it?

Now it is back to the grindstone and work.  Three more days is all I have to muster through, just three.  This weekend we will complete the reclaimation project and put Christmas completely away for another 11 months.  Maybe by next week I will feel as if I have found my grove again.  Here's to hoping!

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