Friday, January 01, 2010

Another year older, but are we wiser?

They say that with age comes wisdom.  I am now officially "in my 40s", at the ripe old age of 41, and wonder when, if ever, that wisdom will show itself.  Really... I'm waiting anxiously.  I could use some of that stuff!!!

While Wisdom may be ellusive, boldness seems to be arriving right on schedule.  I went out into the madding crowd yesterday with Christopher in tow to buy 3 things.  I needed some new jeans, some 'unmentionables' and I wanted to get a cake for today... my birthday.  We went to Kierland Commons, a local shopping area with very upper end shops, and plenty of snotty customers gracing said shops... but they have all the stores I needed in one place, and I was too exhausted to drive all over town.

Parking was more horrific than it was before Christmas, what with all the last minute "get this stuff out of here before we have to count it for Inventory!" sales going on.  I circled no fewer than 4 times before I spotted someone getting into their car.  I put on my blinker, and I waited.  Patiently, I might add....

As the car was pulling out, an older couple began crossing the street in front of me, so I was forced to wait.  While I was waiting, with my blinker on, and these old folks crossing the street in front of me, a woman in a Lexus SUV dashed around my left side, narrowly missing the older couple, and STOLE MY PARKING SPOT!

I was incensed.  I called her all sorts of wicked names, including names I detest.  I was bold enough to pull up along side her, and sat there, waititng like a lion.  She finally realized there was another person in her world, and rolled down her window.  I told her "I was waiting for that spot!  I had my blinker on and everything.. I was waiting for the two old people you nearly hit to cross the street!"

Her reply??  As she was deftly applying makeup to her finely Collagen-ed lips, and checking her coiffed hair, was "Oh, welll..."

I hate North Scottsdale for a multitude of reasons.  This lady, and I use the term euphomistically, embodies nearly every single reason!

I left her a note on her car.  I refrained from using the word which I detest, but so clearly sums up my feelings toward this self-important piece of work... but I did call her a self absorbed b*tch and hoped that the next time she was so rude and careless about laws like PEDESTRIANS HAVING THE RIGHT OF WAY, there would be a cop there to throw her rich,  entitled ass in jail!

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