Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Delicate Balance

They are growing up. All of them. Despite my best efforts to find a way to thwart the process and keep them young forever, my boys are growing up. And with age, comes an ever decreasing need for Mom. Me. I'm slowly but surely becoming less and less needed. This is how things are supposed to be, but it is odd, and at times, just a bit painful.

Parker is starting to enter 'that world'. Moms of older boys know the world I speak of; the one where they begin to gravitate toward the "men". It is already a fine line to walk; when do I play Mom, and when do I let him figure it out for himself, resisting with every cell in my body the urge to rescue him?

I dropped him off at baseball practice this morning. He needed me to bring in some forms, and to meet the coach, and then he was ready for me to go. In fact, in some ways, I think he needed me to go. He's too old now for his mom to stick around and watch. He needs to be with the other boys, listening to the Coach. He needs to figure it all out for himself.

And this is good. This is how it is supposed to go in life; you give your child roots so that you can also give them wings.

I am just thankful I have 2 left at home who are willing to snuggle and cuddle, and not go join the man-pack just yet...

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