Friday, October 17, 2008

Eegads - another 2 weeks bite the dust

So much for my effort to keep posting each week. Sorry folks - please remember you can follow me on Twitter to catch my day to day ramblings!

Kids; doing well. Report cards came today. Parker got all A's and a B+. Matthew got all O's (which are the primary equivalent of As). Yes - we are pleased as punch! Parker has regressed a bit with the whole sleep-thing. Since this summer, he has suffered from insomnia and it freaks him out a bit when he cannot get to sleep. Guess I don't really blame him for being spooked, but it is hard to sympathize when he dashes in and wakes us up from a sound sleep. Clearly, my emphatic pleading that he who sleeps WINS have fallen on deaf ears. Matthew continues to grow like a very happy weed! We went through their winter clothes last week when the temperatures dipped below 80* for a few days and discovered neither boy had ANY PANTS to wear! None - zippo! Even the pants I purchased last year (too big, mind you) in hopes for the fall are too short. I don't have boys, I have giants!

Christopher - well, he continues to be cute and adorable and BIG. Last check, he could wear his brothers' shorts from last summer (size 6!!) and is busting out of his size 12 crocs. He has a toy on the fridge - Fridge Phonics - that has taught him how to spell several 3-letter words. Note to self - shameless product plug here... want to write a letter to the folks over at LeapFrog who produce Fridge Phonics. See, there are some 3-letter words in the english language that are really more like 4-letter words. This toy will, gleefully, announce the letters you used and then speak out loud the word you made. Except, when it stumbles upon these questionable words, it does NOT speak them out. It will tell you the sounds each letter make, but it will not, for example, speak out loud S-E-X or A-S-S. Kudos to LeapFrog!!

School is fine - I am completely insane and have taken on another 'pet project'. Last quarter, it was my goal to organize and inventory all the literature we had on the middle school campus. It took several weeks, but I got it done. Yeah Me! Now, I want to put together a literary magazine highlighting the works and efforts of our students. I've pitched the idea, and it has been widely received. Now, we just need to find a way to put it into action!!

Facebook continues to take up a tremendous amount of my time, and I am having a fabulous time finding and then reconnecting with old friends. I'm even making a few new ones along the way. It is nice to be able to communicate with folks when it is convenient for YOU, (such as in email) and to be able to read these quick Twitter-ish updates that make you feel connected. I wish more folks were on Facebook.... It would certainly allow me to ease up on the contents of the Christmas Letter!

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