Wednesday, May 16, 2007

8 random things

I've been tagged now by Nancy and JennT. If you are not either Nancy or Jenn, then consider yourself tagged and add 8 random things to your own blog (and then send me a link!)

1) I just got new business cards for my photography biz. The baby's foot (Chris was my willing model) is adorable and I love it, but it does limit me to babies. Not that I mind, but if we go through a dry spell of pregnant women or wrinkly newborns, I'd rather not get left out in the cold. (or heat. Its officially HOT here now...)

2) There are many things I will not miss about GWB when he leaves office. Actually, there is nothing I will miss... but one thing I hope gets changed with lightening speed is our nation's thoughts about special education. This is coming from a special education teacher, to please don't flame me by telling me I have no idea what I am talking about... We've got to rethink this whole idea of including kids with regular kids when there is justifiable reason to keep them seperate. I could seriously care less about the spirit of the law on this one, but when one student who should be educated in a seperate environment is hindering the education of other students just because we don't want to "Exclude" anyone, I have a big problem with that. BIG. Its been my rant of late...

3) Same goes for this "Open Enrollment" crap that our district embraces. If we accept a thug into our school (who reason would say has not been successful in his/her home school) and we loose a good kid because of that thug, well, we are at net-zero as far as dollars go. Only, we are now left with a school of thugs because the good kids have all left for other schools.

4) I don't have enough to do, so I am joining the Board of the USC Alumni Association/Phoenix chapter.

5) Parker has only 2 baseball games left this season. Baseball has been a resounding success here!

6) Can I just mention once again that Grammar Girl is my hero??

7) Matthew has now lost 3 teeth. He looks crooked because his teeth make a right-triangle in his mouth.

8) If there is Karma in this world, can it just say I've paid my dues to society and find me a teaching gig with some "regular" kids next year??

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