Sunday, May 13, 2007

5 weeks - coming out of hiding now...

Its been about 5 weeks since Easter - I try to be better at this than I turn out to be. Good intentions, and all that...

I've decided the last quarter of school each year is basically a wash of insanity, exhaustion and frustration. It started 3 years ago - it's the same now. To go into detail would just exhaust me again, but let's say that being a "tenured" teacher ain't all its cracked up to be. I've been pigeon-holed into a job I want to get out of, and it appears I am stuck.

In these 5 weeks, we fostered a BMD pup for a family going through a very rough patch. Bentley made fast friends with Schooner and we were all pleased to see that she actually grew up when she was no longer the baby in the house. Keep your fingers crossed that it's a one way street!!

To top off my somewhat foul mood, we have had temps over 100* for the last 3 days. Eventually, we will get used to it and 104 will be a welcomed relief from 118, but in the interim we are all hot, sweaty and cranky. Me, probably most of all.

I was sidelined with a foot injury about a month ago - I developed Plantar Faciitis in my right foot. I am now seeing signs that I may actually HEAL someday, but I've been unable to run and that has really not done good things for either my overall demeanor or my waistline. I am both pleased and somewhat amazed that I am still comfortably in my "one size bigger than I want to be" shorts so no too much damage has been done. I started back this last week on the treadmill and so far so good. I've said a million times that I will let my head, not my ego, determine how hard I run. One day I might just remember to do that!

While not running, I have gotten back on my bike lately, and that's been good. As a Mothers Day treat for myself, I explored a new land - the famous Scottsdale Greenbelt. It's roughly a 2.5 mile ride TO the Greenbelt and then I rode probably another 4 miles or so down the belt. Its lovely - makes you forget you are in the desert - grass, lakes, trees, shade... I thought at first I went about 11 or 12 miles, but I generally keep a 15mph pace on flat roads, and this was flat. I'm thinking it was closer to 13 or 14 miles. Now that I finally got my little GPS gadget to work, I will be able to actually TELL you just how far, how fast and how hard my heart worked in the process...

I love numbers!!

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