Saturday, December 30, 2006


Again, one of those "it sounded like a good idea at the time" monents... It was a beautiful day here... middle 50's, sunny, big, high, puffy clouds above... much too nice to go to the gym. I was dressed for the gym. I was planning to go to the gym. Plans change, and the dog was happy to accomodate me.

I'd like to say I know how far we went, but I can't. See, Schooner ATE my pedometer. Yes, that's right - ate it. Grabbed it from the kitchen counter and ate the dang thing a while ago. I have one on order, but alas it has not arrived yet. So, I have to guess that we went about 2.5 miles today. Sounds about right.

I got to try out my new toy - the iPod shuffle that is so tiny I am afraid I will loose it! Really, its adorable. Clips to whereever I want it... not too heavy - makes me learn to run to something other than my usual soundtrack. Its good...

So, this whole "running after you have not run" gig?? Yeah - nearly killed me and the dog! Alright - maybe that's a bit of an exageration - at least for me... the dog I think nearly did have a heart attack... But MAN OH MAN, I am out of shape already!!

I've had no goal, no external motivation. Clearly, the internal motivation is not working for me. Last night while we were having dinner with friends, I suggested that she and I plan to do a 5k this spring. She agreed, so now we are ON!! I looked up races here in the Phoenix area add there are a ton. So - here's my goal. Mid-February is 6 weeks from now. In all realily, with some hard work, I should be able to run another 5K in 6 weeks If I take 1 race every 6 weeks, then I should be able to be in my happy size by summer's end!!

Meanwhile - I think I will up our stock holdings in Advil.

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