Sunday, October 08, 2006


Today was the race. While it was harder than I'd planned, I was happy to run an average mile of 12:10. The whole thing in 37min 52sec!! I was hoping for closer to 36 minutes, but hey - I ran (jogged) the whole thing, and didn't stop! I slowed to a near crawl a few times, but made it through.

I ran for me, but I also ran in celebration of my dear god-mother who is a survivor. Whenever I thought I'd have to stop, I just thought about Georgia, and what hell she must have endured going through surgey and chemo and recovery. What I was doing for those 38 minutes paled in comparison. If she could make it through that, I could finish that race!!

The whole experience was wonderful. So many people (still have not gotten a full count, but estimations stand somewhere near 70,000. The crowd was punctuated by lots and lots of pink shirts (survivors) and nearly everyone wore a pink card attached to their race number. These cards were worn in celebration or in memory of someone who had breast cancer.

So, now I want to run another one. Don't know when, but sooner rather than later!

I want to shave at least 10sec/mile off my time! I want to run it in 36 minutes.

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