Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Genetic switching?

Back to my weekend seeing Carrie and her family (its only Wednesday, and if I start talking about work my blood pressure goes through the roof, so let's just reminisce about college and gawk at what cute kids we have....)

Carrie has always reminded me of a Barbie - she's petite, beautiful with big blue eyes and long blonde hair and a waist about the size of a New York Minute...and if she weren't' so sweet and such a wonderful person and friend, I would have hated her from Freshman year on... But she is all those things and I love her dearly and really hate the fact that after 3 kids her waist is STILL the size of a New York Minute...Must be the ocean breezes or something!! :-)

Anyway... Genetics are a funny thing. You would think that my dark eyes and hair would dominate. And with Carrie, she is so blonde and fair that there's just no imaginable combination of genes that would give her a dark, Italian looking child.

Low and behold, we have each others' kids living in our houses!! Doesn't this look like a more proper pairing of moms with kids??

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