Saturday, August 12, 2006

So much can change in a year...

I've been doing a lot of thinking and remembering lately. One year ago, I had just lost my dad and was waiting for the birth of my son. One year ago last night, in fact, I was in the hospital convinced I was in labor only to be sent home.

Perspective is a strange thing. It seems like a lifetime ago that we lost Dad, and just a few months ago that we had Chris...and yet the two events are less than 10 days apart...

Mom and I went out to dinner last Sunday night to sort-of commemorate the anniversary of Dad's death. Nothing dark and depressing - we went out for Chineese food and had a toast to a great man who lived a great life.

When you think about all the changes a new baby makes in his first year of life, it really takes your breath away! I watch Christopher now, just on the verge of walking, as he communicates with us, feeds himself, is mobile and reactive, plays with the boys and the dogs... and just a year ago he was an adorable lump that ate, slept and pooped. If we all continued the emotional/intellectual/physical growth at the pace a newborn does, we'd all look like Andre the Giant and have the wisdom of Aristotle & Eintstein combined!

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