Friday, August 25, 2006

The perils of weightloss

I had a purging session with my closet today. I went to put on a skirt this morning for work (yes, we are already back in school, finished our first week!) and removed the tags (meaning, of course, I've never actually WORN this skirt before) and it's too big. Not sort-of-loose-around-the-belly too big, more of the "Gee, I can take it off without having to undo any of the buttons" too big.

I wore it anyway - clothing that hangs on your hips is in fashion, right? But when I got home, my new, really cute skirt ended up in the "donate" box.

And ... it has a few friends.

I started with the cute brown skirt, and proceeded to rumage through every skirt, pair of pants, and dress in my closet.

The good news?? Many were way too big.

The bad news?? I have no pants. Literally - other than jeans, I have NO pants. I'm frightfully low on skirts, too....

Thank God for Old Navy!

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