Saturday, September 17, 2005

Maybe that wasn't the smartest thing to do...

I skipped the gym yesterday. Felt a bit achey and very tired. Possibly a cold coming on.. thought it best that I rest.

My dear, wonderful, knight in shining armour husband took the whole night with Christopher... I slept uninterrupted from 10pm until 5am! 7 straight hours... heaven on earth!

So, today, I felt ready to go back to the gym. What follows is my error in judgement. If the payment is this bad, 3 hours later, oh the cost tomorrow will be staggering!

I did 40 minutes on the eliptical trainer. THEN, I did another 20 in the treadmill. I included 3 one-minute runs in that time.

My second day back and I did 60 minute of cardio. It felt good at the time, which is why, I hope, I continued on despite the little voice in my head saying "Take it easy, girl - you've been away a while!"

I decided to drown out that little voice with my MP3 player. Big mistake - huge! I've become a weekend-warrior. Note to self - cut that out!

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