Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Journey Begins

Well, it was supposed to begin today. Guess now my efforts have been thwarted. Will try again tomorrow...

What am I talking about? Getting myself back into shape after baby #3. Ok, who am I kidding... getting myself back into shape after 2 years of NOT getting myself into any shape except lumpy.

I had my follow up appt with the OB yesterday. Things look good - she removed all forbidden activities and contingencies and gave me the all clear to resume my life as I knew it before getting pregnant and birthing a bowling ball.

I wanted to celebrate my newfound freedom with a trip to the gym. Its been ages and ages since I darkened the door of our local, very posh, hoity-toity gym. This place is really lovely - truly - very elegant. Waterfalls in the middle of the building, a full-scale theater in the waiting room, steam rooms and saunas... Asthetically pleasing, and almost a place I'd WANT to go, even if I was not working out.

This morning, our sitter called because she'd been at the ER with her son most of last night. They think its some food poisoning. Rather than take any chances with the dreaded puke fairy visiting our house, I told her to stay home. (Anyone ever seen "The Lost Boys"?? Never invite a vampire (or puke fairy) into your house 0 it renders you powerless)

The gym does not take babies under 6 weeks. Christopher is just 4. Guess the best laid plans will need to be re-worked...

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