Friday, September 16, 2011

The post where I shamelessly ask for donations

The Walk is less than 2 months away.. and I am VERY far from my personal fund raising goal of $1000!  I decided to jump in with both feet this year (Get it.. sneakers... feet... walk??) and try to double what I earned last year.

The Walk is November 5th this year, and hopefully the weather will have realized it is FALL by then, but no matter the heat,  the boys and I, along with any of the folks who support us by joining our team, will be walking.  It's the least I can do to help Matt.. it may be hot, my feet may swell, but that is nothing compared to what he lives with every single day.

So I am asking... for your support.  Either through a donation ( our fundraising page is HERE) or by joining our team (I promise a Nifty Difty Matthew's Miracles for any team member who joins before Halloween). 

If you can't donate right now, and we get it - times are HARD for everyone, please support by sending us a text or a tweet the day of the walk!

Thank you all for your support.. I promise this will be the only Blog-Beg I do this year! 

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